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Independent Evaluation of NRC’s Use and Security of Social Media

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Inspection / Evaluation
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Broaden NRC‟s definition of success beyond quantitative viewership rates to include qualitative evaluations of digital influence, thought leadership within the nuclear social media discussion, and strength of relationships with prominent influencers.

Develop and implement a process to monitor user activity on NRC‟ s social media platforms after content posts to evaluate content vitality and network distribution.

Develop a baseline for performance by benchmarking NRC‟s social media metrics (i.e., viewership, subscriptions, shares, and influence) against activity within the digital nuclear industry community.

Generate content periodically that provides unique access to nuclear facilities and nuclear resources by providing photos and information.

Make article authors more prominent by including the blog article byline at the top of each post (rather than the bottom) so readers are immediately aware of who wrote the articles.