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OIG Careers

Current Vacancies in the Office of the Inspector General

Current vacancies in the Office of the Inspector General are posted on USAJOBS. View more information on working for the NRC.

General Employment Information

The Office of the Inspector General requires a highly trained and diverse workforce to carry out its mission. The office recruits professional auditors, management analysts, special agents, and administrative support personnel.

Auditors/Management Analysts perform financial and performance audits to help ensure that NRC and DNFSB programs and operations are working efficiently and effectively.  Financial audits evaluate the reasonableness of agency financial statements.  Performance audits evaluate how well NRC programs and activities are conducted, identify systemic problems, and recommend constructive solutions.  Both types of audits evaluate internal control systems.

Candidates for auditor positions must have 24 semester hours of college-level accounting. Management analysts must have a college degree and experience analyzing and assessing the effectiveness of programs.  All candidates are subject to drug testing and the successful granting of a security clearance.  Once hired, all auditors and management analysts must complete 80 hours of continuing professional education every 2 years.

Special agents perform investigative activities related to the integrity of the NRC's programs and operations.  Most investigative activities focus on violations of law and misconduct by NRC employees and contractors as well as allegations of irregularities or abuse in NRC or DNFSB programs and operations.

Candidates for special agent positions should have knowledge of the basic principles and techniques of investigating; skill in conducting interviews and applying investigative techniques; and experience in planning and conducting criminal investigations and effectively communicating, both orally and in writing, the facts and circumstances of these investigations.

Special agents are subject to physical and medical qualification standards, satisfactory completion of an 8-week basic training program, drug testing, and have a maximum entry age of 37.  Special agents are also subject to frequent travel in the performance of their duties and the successful granting of a security clearance.

Special agents are required to work an average of 10 hours per day to perform their investigative activities for which they are eligible to receive Law Enforcement Availability Pay.

The OIG employs a dedicated support staff with a variety of skills, including administrative, information technology, communications, analytical, and operations professionals.