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Evaluation of NRC's Oversight of the Voice over Internet Protocol Contract and Implementaton

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Inspection / Evaluation
Joint Report
Agency Wide
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Questioned Costs
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In all current telecommunications contracts, a) clarify contractor roles and responsibilities, and b) consult legal counsel to review the telecommunications contracts collectively to eliminate gaps and duplication in services.

Establish a policy for all new telecommunications contracts, and future modifications to current telecommunications contracts, that CORs must review the roles and responsibilities of all related contracts to prevent gaps and duplication in services.

Conduct a lessons learned to identify opportunities for improvement in deploying future IT systems or services with an impact on operations agency-wide.

Strengthen telecommunications expertise through knowledge management and training.

Update the relevant management directives to include a) current telecommunications infrastructure and current organizational responsibilities, and b) a requirement to comply with MD 10.162 “Disability Programs and Reasonable Accommodation” when deploying any IT projects.