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Audit of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Update roles and responsibilities in appropriate agency guidance to ensure program oversight and continuous monitoring of VLTP participant eligibility.

Revise applicable policies and procedures to reflect current practices and address inconsistencies and outdated information.

Establish a process to identify voluntary leave recipients who have stayed in the program for an extended time period and provide guidance for OCHCO staff on what actions, if any, they should take regarding such recipients.

Implement a means of capturing required voluntary leave recipient information and use this information to conduct continuous monitoring to ensure leave recipients remain affected by a medical emergency.

Develop and implement quality assurance measures to ensure recordkeeping of voluntary leave recipient documents complies with federal and agency record retention requirements.