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Audit of the NRC's Property Management Program

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Joint Report
Agency Wide
No (location specific)
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Modify the definition of accountable property to align with
the agency’s procedures for accounting for property under the property management program. This encompasses defining and addressing the accountability of items not tracked in the Space and Property Management System (SPMS) including pilferable property.


Include the receipt, management, and proper disposal of IT
assets planned and currently tracked in Remedy within the property management program. This may include, but is not limited to actions such as:

a. Updating MD 13.1, Property Management to designate Remedy as the property tracking system specifically for IT assets;

b. Updating MD 13.1 to include the NRC IT Logistics Index
policy for inputting IT assets greater than or equal to
$2,500, or which contain NRC information or data within the property management program;

c. Specify in the updated MD 13.1, the use of unique identifiers to track and manage those IT assets within the NRC property management program;

d. Specify in the updated MD 13.1, the methods and documentation of periodic inventories using unique identifiers within the NRC property management program;

e. Provide appropriate acquisition information in excess property reporting for IT assets that contain NRC information or data; and,

f. Ensure IT assets in the property disposal process comply with documenting media sanitation in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88, Revision 1: Guidelines for Media Sanitization (NIST 800-88).

Update and implement property receipt and tagging
processes and procedures for the Facilities, Operations, and Space Management Branch (FOSMB), warehouse personnel, and property custodians, that will address:

a. Decentralized property receipt and tagging functions; and,

b. Providing property staff with acquisition information such as the cost and shipping information necessary to perform their property-related duties through automated notification.

Limit the regional and the Technical Training Center (TTC) property item assignments to regional property custodians.