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Audit of NRC's Non-Concurrence Process

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Joint Report
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Define management’s expectations regarding the non-concurrence process and clearly communicate them to staff.

Revise MD 10.158 to include detailed guidance on:

a. Dispositioning of non-concurrences to include a feedback mechanism on the status of the non-concurrence.

b. Timeliness expectations.

c. Completion and processing of Form 757.

d. Roles and responsibilities of key non-concurrence personnel.

e. The availability of the Differing Views Office Liaisons.

Finalize MD 10.158 by the end of 2011.

Make non-concurrence process training available in an on-demand format to all staff and managers.

Routinely update the Office of Enforcement Open Collaborative Work Environment contact Web page to reflect current Differing Views Office Liaison assignments.