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Audit of NRC’s Grants Administration and Closeout

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Joint Report
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Funds for Better Use


Update the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Grants Management Certification and Training Program guidance to include: (1) instructions for recording completed training, (2) management’s responsibility for monitoring training, and (3) the addition of ASAP training as a core course for grant management professionals.

Develop and implement a formal process for monitoring student service agreement requirements and associated awarded funds, from FY 2015 forward. The process should include, but not be limited to: (1) how to process grants funds that are recaptured or returned to NRC because of withdrawal from school, GPA lower than required, non-nuclear employment, or other unmet requirements; and (2) a timeframe by which students are required to obtain employment in a nuclear field after graduation.

Continue and finalize the transition to electronic files implementing a checklist for completeness.

Implement knowledge management procedures such as maintaining an accurate succession planning document and desk procedures for grant functions.

Coordinate the review of performance progress reports and Federal financial reports.