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Audit of NRC's Grant Management Program

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number
Report Type
Joint Report
Agency Wide
No (location specific)
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Resolve outstanding Lean Six Sigma issues, including definition of
the competitive grant process, roles and responsibilities,
development of a shared electronic grant database, and scope of
SBCR reviews.

Update Management Directive 11.6 to comprehensively address
NRC’s competitive and noncompetitive grant program, including (a)
roles and responsibilities of individuals and offices involved in the
grant process, (b) process for awarding grants, and (c) required
monitoring by project officers.

Issue interim guidance to accomplish the intent of recommendation
2, pending revision of Management Directive 11.6.

Develop grant specific training requirements for staff who work on
grants to include a reasonable period of time (such as 18 months)
for completion of the training.

Ensure that staff working on grants complete the required training
within the specified timeframe identified in response to
recommendation 4.