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Audit of NRC's Exercise of Its Early Out/Buyout Authority

Report Information

Date Issued
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Joint Report
Agency Wide
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Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Conduct a formal evaluation assessing the value of VERA/VSIPs as workforce restructuring tools at NRC. This evaluation could include

a. Program costs,
b. Impact of buyout incentives on employees’ decision to separate,
c. Historical attrition rates compared to attrition rates during the years NRC ran a VERA/VSIP program,
d. Timing of employee separations,
e. VERA/VSIPs’ impact on NRC and program offices’ long-term restructuring goals, and
f. If the formal evaluation concludes that VERA/VSIPs are the right workforce restructuring tool for NRC to use to achieve its workforce goals, then formally assess the VERA/VSIP program after each future round for potential ways to improve program implementation.

Develop written procedures for implementing a VERA/VSIP program, which include

a. Integrating the strategic workforce plan into VERA/VSIP planning and requests to OPM,
b. Determining surplus positions at the office-level, and
c. Developing a single tracking system to link VERA/VSIP separations to specific positions identified for elimination and restructuring, where possible.