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Audit of NRC’s Deployment of the National Source Tracking System

Report Information

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Joint Report
Agency Wide
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Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Assess the feasibility of alternative credentialing strategies, such as:

a. Targeting select types of licensees for smart card use based on risk, business case justification, or other criteria.

b. Reviewing NSTS e-authentication risk assessment for currency and, if appropriate, identify technological alternatives to smart card authentication.

Develop and implement a policy to ensure Help Desk staff is kept current regarding credentialing and technical issues that may adversely impact NSTS applicants and users.

Develop and implement document control policies and
processes to improve accountability for NSTS data submitted by licensees to NRC for uploading to NSTS.

Implement “read only” capability in NSTS for NRC staff that
must use NSTS, but do not need edit rights to conduct duties in accordance with individual or organizational business needs