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Audit of NRC's Consultation Practices With Federally Recognized Native American Tribal Governments

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Joint Report
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Update MD [Management Directive] 5.1 to include FSTB [Federal, State, and Tribal Liaison Branch] when working with Tribes. The guidance should also clearly define FSTB’s role and responsibilities with regard to Tribal outreach and consultation.

Update NRC office procedures to include more specific direction on how to coordinate with FSTB and how to work with Tribes.

Require all staff and management that may interact with Tribes to take Tribal relations training, as well as any other relevant training courses related to Tribes.

Develop and implement a qualification program that assures the minimum level of skills and knowledge required for each FSTB staff member to effectively interact with Tribes and other NRC staff.

Include sufficient resources to allow for necessary outreach and consultation activities by FSTB staff. This should be done, in part, by tracking FSTB travel expenditures to help better inform future travel budgets.