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Office of the Inspector General

OIG senior management with presenting to a group of NRC new hires

Inspector General Robert J. Feitel
Deputy Inspector General Ziad "Z" Buhaissi 

The Inspector General (IG) provides leadership and

 policy direction in conducting audits and investigations designed to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness within the NRC, and to prevent and detect fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in agency programs and operations.  The IG recommends corrective actions to be taken, reports on progress made in implementing those actions, and reports criminal matters to the Department of Justice.  The IG analyzes and comments on the impact of existing and proposed legislation and regulations on the economy and efficiency of NRC programs and operations, and the prevention and detection of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement.  The IG keeps the Chairman and Congress informed of serious issues and concerns related to NRC programs and operations.

Chief of Staff to the Inspector General/Deputy General Counsel

Edward O’Connell

Serves as the Inspector General’s (IG) principal advisor and personal representative regarding all aspects of the IG’s policy, regulatory, and managerial responsibilities and functions.  Ensures that all matters or issues brought before the IG have been fully and properly reviewed, evaluated, and documented before formal or informal consideration and decision making.  Manages all staff activities and interactions ensuring an effective flow of communications.  Provides support to the General Counsel on an as-needed basis in legal matters affecting the operation of the Office of the Inspector General.

Assistant Inspector General for the Audits Division

Hruta Virkar

Directs audits and evaluations to assess the management and conduct of NRC administered or financed programs and operations. Makes recommendations for improvement in those programs. Monitors NRC's implementation of audit recommendations. Follows GAO standards for conducting audits. Develops policies and procedures governing OIG audit activities.

Assistant Inspector General for the Investigations Division

Assistant Inspector General Malion Bartley
Special Agent in Charge Nathaniel Smith

Responsible for investigative activities relating to NRC administered or financed programs and operations. Conducts and reports on investigations involving fraud, waste, and abuse to ascertain and verify the facts with regard to NRC employee and contractor misconduct and the integrity of NRC programs and operations.  Maintains liaison with law enforcement agencies and other investigative organizations in criminal and investigative matters.  In addition, conducts investigative Event Inquiries which examine NRC regulation of specific events.

General Counsel to the Inspector General

Michael Clark

Provides legal advice and assistance to the Inspector General and OIG staff with respect to audits, investigations, and administrative activities.  Serves as Special Counsel and legal expert for all OIG matters.  Reviews and comments on the impact of proposed legislation and regulations on the economy and efficiency of NRC programs and operations, and on the prevention and detection of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement.

Administrative Programs 

Provides administrative and operational support, including budget, personnel, communications, and information technology services, to promote the mission and goals of the OIG.  Responsible for OIG's strategic planning initiatives and Semiannual Reports to Congress.  Advises the Deputy Inspector General on policy and procedural matters relating to OIG operations.